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Example Scenarios
🛈 This page lists existing example scenarios, considering typical use cases in interdisciplinary reasearch, that are stored in a database.
In the finalized prototype, the scenarios can be simulated directly via the platform and the simulation results can be viewed and downloaded afterwards. In addition, all scenarios are open-source and have a link to a GitLab repository, which can be accessed via "View Components".
The repository aims to analyze the effects and impacts of an increasing EV penetration rate on the low-voltage grid in districts and identify the maximum possible grid capacity for EV charging using the co-simulation framework mosaik 3.0. Data for a concrete use case, the residential district "Am Ölper Berge" in Brunswick, Lower Saxony, Germany is provided.
Tags: Mobility, Vehicle, Co-Simulation, Building, Scenario
Run Simulation
The increasing integration of ICT systems for the management of energy supply allows monitoring, control, and optimization of the energy system. The objective of this scenario is to develop and test a model to investigate the effects of the performance of the ICT system on the digitalized energy system for a district.
Tags: ICT, Communication, Co-Simulation, Scenario, Latency, DOS
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