The goal of Repository is to make data, models and scenarios in the energy domain more findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR). Besides making these artifacts available, Repository will include information about artifacts which can be made available on request. Harmonized interfaces (like FMI) will be supported by Repository by labeling and describing them and, therefore, increasing their visibility. In general, Repository will offer a good filter functionality to improve the search results. Also, the information attached to the artifacts will contain a lot of precise details.

🛈 In the finalized prototype, the repository is built on a customized version of the open-source platform CKAN. For illustrative purposes, there are already two datasets and one organization preconfigured. The functionality for uploading data and adding metadata will only work in the finalized prototype. Additionally, datasets can be filtered directly through categories.
Zukunftslabor Energie

The Open Data portal for energy data


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