ZLE Research and Development Platform

Platform for Open Energy Research in Lower Saxony



ZLE Research and Development Platform

for Open Energy Research


enables users to find suitable partners for research and practice projects


delivers ideas to structure cooperative energy research


helps in finding available data and frameworks for energy systems’ simulation and optimizations


supports to couple frameworks and models to create user-defined scenarios


helps to publish results and contents from the energy community to reach various interested stakeholders

How do we improve energy research with this platform?

Better overview for young scientists and start-ups in an interdisciplinary research field Energy research is done by multiple different stakeholders in research and industry. With Competence all stakeholders get a better overview on the research landscape.

Improved access to research results All stakeholders like the public and industry partners can access research results easily. This includes source code and data.

Better support for research Data and simulation models are the foundation for most of energy research. Our platform supports researchers by making data and source code findable.

Our platform is currently under construction.

More content and functionality will be available soon.

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