The goal of Competence is to demonstrate multi-layered competences on the presented open digital energy R&D Platform and its underlying research network considering subject-specific and user-oriented presentation of competences, easy and multi-sided access to competence and enabling of information transfer via API. Competence will consist of multiple functions to adequately present the competences and proficiencies of registered users and entities on the open digital energy R&D platform. The functionalities and properties differ in their focus on aggregation, presentation and accessibility of competences. The central function of Competence will be the Competence Profile which allows a proper presentation of the registered entities’ proficiencies. The level of detail respectively identification for each profile will be workgroup-level (e.g., workgroup “Energy Systems” at elenia Institute for High Voltage Technologies and Power Systems) . Higher level of detail or person-specific profiles are not intended as they will drastically increase the amount of needed profiles. Moreover, high numbers of profiles solely representing one user will increase the risk of many similar profiles and at the same time the risk of inactivity among the profiles.

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